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PCD Diamond dies

PCD diamond die is polycrystalline gemstone core completely integrated having a tungsten carbide ring.The supported carbide ring can boost the toughness from the blank and bear more strong impact throughout wire drawing. Supreme PCD wire drawing die is made from top quality gemstone with strict selection and process.

It's appropriate for drawing bigger size wire, tube and fishing rod. The diamond die drawing programs and needed hole size diameters are utilized to help pick which gemstone very may be the appropriate material that to operate.

Our PCD diamond die switches into advanced material and technology. It may replace natural gemstone mold. Caused by using is way better than natural gemstone.It's such qualities: hardness, high put on resistance & thermal conductivity and mechanical strength and tenacity. You can use it for drawing flux cored wire, soilid wire and copper wire ETC.


  1. super wire drawing die blank
  2. Different sizes is ok
  3. single side polish and grinding ratio test


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