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Aluminum wire drawing dies preferred PCD dies

Wire and cable production procedure is the first drawing , and drawing quality directly related to the quality of wire and cable manufacturers and even the mood of the pros and cons . The right choice of drawing mold crucial.

First, the traditional aluminum drawning dies - Tungsten carbide wire dies

Now most manufacturers use aluminum mold and pull the bridge are finished tungsten carbide dies , the dies is made of tungsten carbide as the main drill as binder , molded after sintering. It has high hardness, good thermal conductivity, low coefficient of friction , corrosion resistance, low price , get everyone's approval and is widely used.

Second, copper drawning dies - Polycrystalline diamond wire dies

Polycrystalline dies is a high -purity graphite powder, adding a small amount of nickel , silicon adhesives do , and then the high pressure polymerization, it combines high hardness , resource-rich and long life, etc. , is considered drawn copper the ideal dies ( copper Selah , the general diamond dies ) .

Third, the comparison of the two

Judging from the long-term use , brushed aluminum ultra-poor situations have occurred, while the operator is also very frequent replacement of wire drawing dies , for which operators often have to stop testing wire , otherwise it will produce ultra nonconforming deviation , after a period of use , the dies has been scrapped out of tolerance or re- repair mode back room , so not only a waste of money , but also increases the workload of the repair dies , to solve this problem, I try to use plant polycrystalline dies, and each functional area of the dies made ​​the corresponding processing, control is very good, not only improve the quality of drawing surface , and because the polycrystalline dies steel more corrosion resistant than tungsten , a higher degree of light junction , so a dies can be long-term use , under normal circumstances , be used for 3 years ( about 3,000 tons drawing ) without the need to replace ( i.e. diameter not exceeding deviation) can only polishing , so that the work not only lifted regular measurements outside the operating Take the pain , but also do not have to replace the dies , but do not worry diameter ultra- poor, and therefore subject to the operator 's welcome. But the use of polycrystalline dies also has a significant disadvantage that the tungsten steel compared to the expensive piece of ordinary domestic polycrystalline about 300-400 yuan dies( dies a large diameter up to 500-600 yuan polycrystalline , while imports more expensive model , each ranging from $ 1000-2000 ) , and a general tungsten steel, their costs are lower, about 40-50 million.

Recommendation: to promote the use of early adopt the following approach : the bridge die adopt tungsten steel, because of its relatively loose outer control ; while the finished mold is used polycrystalline dies , to ensure product quality , in the case of the economy allows can be used in all polycrystalline dies , so that operators , repair mode greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers , and the product quality has improved significantly.


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