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What tensile aluminum wire drawing dies selection

What tensile aluminum wire drawing dies selection

Different materials according to customers' drawing to select different materials drawing dies, such is the pull of steel, copper, tungsten, molybdenum or other alloy materials, wire drawing dies of different materials has its unique range of processing different materials pull the same mold its line wear and life there are differences, the election of the mold material is the key. Drawing dies of different materials has its relatively reasonable processing object. Drawing process mainly refers to the reasonableness of the mold and wire drawing machine both mechanical, physical and chemical properties matched to each other in order to get the longest life of mold. For example, in drawing copper wire of the same diameter, the polycrystalline diamond dies carbide die life is the life of three hundred to five hundred times, when nickel wire drawing only eighty to one hundred times, drawing molybdenum silk, its life expectancy is only Carbide die Life fifty to eight times, while drawing carbon steel, polycrystalline diamond dies carbide die life span of only twenty to six times. As the domestic wire drawing dies and matching theory lack of systematic research, led blindly choose, resulting in a waste of resources.

For example, in small size wire pull, the natural diamond, polycrystalline diamond and CVD is commonly used drawing dies mold material. In the pull a small line, CVD diamond dies of natural diamond dies overcomes anisotropy, while having excellent strength and hardness, pull high yield, but also to achieve the required surface quality. Proven, CVD diamond drawing die life is equivalent to natural diamond tooling, product qualification rate, surface quality is better than the domestic polycrystalline diamond. Therefore, for small size wire drawing process, CVD diamond drawing die is an ideal choice.


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