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Quality diamond dies for wire manufacturers from china

Dies from 6µm up to 30mm: Part of starking’s product’s range.

The enterprise’s products range is natural diamond dies from 6µm to 3mm, synthetic mono-crystalline dies from 6µm to 1mm, poly-crystalline (PCD) dies from 50µ to 30mm, compacting, stranding and special shaped dies, enameling guides, extrusion tooling (guides and dies), special tooling with diamond insert and repolishing machines and equipment. starking services are repolishing, training of operators/technicians in starking’s training center and showroom or at the customers plant, control and technical report of customers dies. starking is a quality partner giving the surface conditions, accuracy of the diameters and the technical characteristics for wires and cables. Forerunner in manufacturing innovation (drilling, forming, sizing, polishing), tight controls of the products. starking gives a constant manufacturing process which is a guarantee of reliability of its production. The company is ISO 9001-2000 certified.

Natural diamond dies for the drawing of fine wires <0.050 mm
"Starking's Speciality"

Dies adapted for each type of wire production: stainless steel, copper, tungsten, and precious metals.
Mastering the shape, the quality of surface finish, achieving precise geometry down to diameters of 6 microns.

Natural diamond dies for the drawing of wires from 0.050 mm to 2.50 mm
"Mastering quality and cost"

Die sets made to elongation for multi-line machines, stones chosen to maximise enlargement capacity of diameters, specific mounting to ensure optimal thermal dissipation and increased longevity, adapted products according to your specifications...

Synthetic diamond dies (monocrystalline and polycrystalline diamond dies )
for the drawing of wires from 0.050mm to 25 mm
"The know-how in conceiving a better performance in your applications"

Technical advice for the choice of PCD blanks with a wide choice of possibilities adapted to each application (copper, aluminium, steel, alloys....) and taking into account your specifications and performance requirements.
Quality mounting of new dies to ensure its longevity with the many possible repolishings.

Consistency of the geometry and high level of surface polish for you to achieve the best results in terms of surface finish, tight tolerances, dies performance and to protect your lubricants.
Numerous specific applications in PCD for cables, compacting, and tube drawing...


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