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Stranding,bunching and Compacting Dies

Stranding dies used to guide and/or form wires entering, moving through, and/or exiting bunching and stranding machines.

In the case of double and single twist bunchers, with the take-up reel on the inside of the machine, the dies are located at the entrance of the machine to gather the incoming wires.

Sometimes, the dies are located before the take-up reel inside the machine to shape the wire that goes onto the reel.

In the case of tubular and planetary stranders, stranding dies are used inside the machine to guide the wires and to gather and form the wire prior to going on the reel outside of the machine.

Stranding dies also commonly known as bunching dies, compacting dies, or cabling dies, are used in manufacturing compact cable. These dies allow multiple wire strands to come into same die, thereby creating compact-cable. Stranding dies can be used for guiding or moving through and even exit for wire strands while forming compact-cable.

STAR WIRE DIE manufacture Stranding dies with different nib materials, including Tungsten Carbide, Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD), and Synthetic Single Crystal (SSD). As per your cable size, we manufacture Stranding Dies in sizes ranging from 0.38 mm to nearly 35mm.
Basic Geometry The die geometry of Stranding dies is no different from other drawing dies. The only exception to this is a considerably increased reduction angle.

Bell: The Bell of a Stranding Die has to kept broad enough so that the arriving wires from the layplate enter in without any scraping.

Tolerance: It is generally +/-1% of the hole diameter.

Reduction Angle: The wider reduction angle allows much better blend from bell to the reduction angle.

Bearing Length: Since, stranding dies are used to gather the wires entering from lay plate into the cable machine, the bearing length is not significant. Incase if concentric and unilayer constructions, bearing length is kept longer to hold wire uniformly as they enter machine.

Die Surface: The Die-surface should be well-blended devoid of any sharp edges.



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